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At 2 pm on 5 December 1945, five US bombers took off from Fort Lauderlale in the USA for a training flight in perfect weather. Shortly afterwards, the pilots radioed that their flight instruments were all malfunctioning. Two hours after take-off, all contact with the planes was lost. A reconnaissance plane was immediately dispatched to search for the missing planes. Within 20 minutes, radio contact with it had also been lost. No trace of any of the planes was ever found. In all, six planes and 27 men had vanished into the air.

The disappearance of the six planes was far from being the first mysterious incident in the area: for years, navigational problems and strange magnetic forces had been reported. The disappearance was not even the greatest disaster within the triangle. The Cyclops, a 19,000-ton US ship was sailing from Barbados to Norfolk, Virginia. In March 1918, when it vanished with its crew of 309 from the surface of he ocean without making a distress call and without the slightest wreckage ever being found.

The losses of boats and planes in that area defy explanation. The disasters are the origin of a new phrase in the English language – the Bermuda Triangle and this phrase has entered legend. The Bermuda Triangle has been called the Devils’ Triangle, the Triangle of Death, the Graveyard of the Atlantic. It has swallowed up 140 ships and planes and more than 1,000 people. Today many airmen and sailors are still afraid of that area of the Atlantic Ocean.



On television, the young gymnast comes down from the uneven bars with little effort. She smiles toward the enthusiastic crowd and walks away with high scores. Then, the silver or gold medallist appears on the cover of “Sports Illustrated” or on television. It all seems to be easy and glamorous. 

You don’t see it on television, but the road to Olympic success is a long one; and it is hard, physically, emotionally and financially. There is the stress of competition and the separation from loved ones. 

Stacey has spent the last 13 years preparing for the Olympics. Today, the young athlete feels the pressure. Four years from now, she’ll be 21 and too old for the gymnastic competition in the Olympics. Even when very young, a dedicated athlete must practise or attend meetings five or six nights a week. This exhausting routine includes doing one’s homework in the car on the way to practice and sleeping on the way back. Her life is hectic… Three times a week, her trainers start working with her as early as 5:30 in the morning. Then she goes through the routine of uneven bars, floor exercise, etc. After that, she goes off to class at the public school next to the gym. At 4, she is back in the gym till 7:30, working on optionals or her own routine.

“Olympic competition is a family decision for most competitors,” says her Dad. “Without the support of their families, the gymnasts couldn’t become the great achievers they are.”



Until two years ago, Clearing, Illinois was a tranquil suburb of Chicago. But residents grew alarmed when they noticed armed teenagers on the streets, giving gang signals and shouting at passing cars. Then came a series of burglaries and graffiti messages on storefronts. By the time local authorities realized they had a gang problem, it was too late. Last December, two 13-year-old girls were shot outside their school as they sat in a car with two members of a local gang, the Ridgeway Lords.

Nearly all 50 states have recently passed laws that allow youths aged 14-17 to be tried in court as adults. In about 25 states they have passed laws to punish parents for their children’s behaviour. And in 146 of the nation’s largest cities, they have imposed curfews to reduce juvenile violence. When you look at the spectacular rise of violent crime among young people recently, it’s easy to understand the concern. Over the past decade, there has been a decline in adult murders in the US, while murder rates have surged for youths between 14-17.

For young offenders who aren’t sent to prison, the punishments vary: some are ordered to perform community service, others are placed in job training programs, still others sent to youth prisons. But the Republicans in Congress want to reverse a basic principle of juvenile justice: the separation of young criminals from hardened adult criminals in prison. The reasons are partly financial – to reduce the cost of having separate prisons for young people – and partly psychological – to end what Republicans consider as society’s overly protective attitude towards young criminals.


Kill that noise or I'll kill you!

People often complain that loud noise drives them crazy. But in Britain, it is driving people to violence.
A London man could no longer stand the reggae music from a party next door. He set fire to the hallway outside the party. A woman trying to escape jumped out of a window from the third floor and killed herself. The London man received a life sentence for murder.
A man from Wales went to complain about a loud music from a neighbour's home. He was stabbed by the neighbour.
A man in Winchester, because of a constantly barking dog, hit his neighbour with an iron bar. The dog's owner fell, hit his head on the road and died four days later.
A Manchester man fired an air rifle into a nearby flat from which loud music was playing. The judge refused to send the man to jail for his action and fined him £5,000 instead.

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