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Elementary - Temel

Cats as Pets

  Cats make great pets.  Many people love them.  They are easy to take care of.  They are also very helpful.  On farms they keep away mice and rats.

  Cats are very friendly and bring happiness to their owners.  They are very playful and smart too!  Cats always know what they want.  They are usually not mean.

  There are 63 million cats in America today.  This means there are more people who own cats than who own dogs.



  Whales are mammals.  They breathe air like us.  They rise to the surface of the water to breathe.  They live in the oceans of the world.

  There are many different kinds of whales.  Some are the killer whale, humpback whale, sperm whale and gray whale.  They are some of the largest animals.  The largest whale is the blue whale.  It can grow to be a hundred feet long and weigh as much as 15 elephants.  It is the largest animal on earth.

  Whales leap out of the water.  They also dive and roll.  Whales dive to get food.  Some whales can dive more than a mile down!

  Some whales are found in zoos, public aquariums, and entertainment parks.  These whales live in large glass tanks.  They learn things very easily.  They are trained to play with ball, leap, and dive down deep for certain objects.


Bobby's Big Birthday Party

When Bobby turned six, his mom and dad had a birthday party for him. Twenty of his closest friends joined in the party. Everyone wore birthday hats and had birthday cake. The birthday cake was colored blue and white, which are Bobby's favorite colors.

As the day went on, the children played kickball in the back yard. Bobby played first base, Sally played outfield, and Bobby's dad was the pitcher.

At the end of the party, Bobby asked his parents if he could have next year's birthday at the zoo. His parents agreed and everyone cheered.



Autumn is the season that falls between summer and winter. There are many changes that begin in this fascinating season. Days become shorter. Leaves of trees turn from green to vibrant red, yellow and orange. Trees need sunlight to keep their leaves a lively green. Without sunlight leaves turn colors. The grass is no longer blanketed with dew but with frost, almost every morning, as temperatures reach the freezing point. Animals start storing up a food supply to last through the long winter months. These changes occur as we adjust from the heat of the summer to the chill of the winter.

The Big Run

Mary likes to run. Ever since she was in third grade, she has been training to run long distances. Now that she was in eighth grade, her parents agreed to let her run in the Banana Classic. The Banana Classic is a ten-kilometer race. It takes place every year in Mattydale. The winners get a lifetime supply of peanuts and fruit juice from Paul's Peanut Stand.

Mary practiced by running ten kilometers, twice per day. On the average run, she would finish in thirty minutes. Last year's winner finished the race in twenty-six minutes and ten seconds.

On the day of the race, Mary ran faster then she ever had in past. As she came across the last kilometer of the race, she was in fourth place. She picked up the pace and quickly reached second place, just as she could see the finish line. She ran fast as should in a mad dash to the finish line, but she just wasn't fast enough to get ahead of leader.

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