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Beginner - Başlangıç

1. A Baby and a Sock

The mother gave her baby a red apple. The baby tried to eat the apple. His mouth was too small. And he didn’t have any teeth. His brother took the apple. His brother ate the apple. The baby cried. His brother gave the baby a blue ball to play with. The baby smiled. His brother took the ball from the baby. He rolled the ball on the floor. The brown and white dog picked up the ball. The dog chewed on the ball. The baby cried again. His brother picked up the cat. He put the cat on the bed with the baby. The baby pulled the cat’s tail. The cat jumped off the bed. The dog chased the cat. The baby cried again. His brother let the baby hold a sock. The baby played with the sock. The baby was happy.


2. A Cat and a Dog

The black cat jumped up onto the chair. It looked down at the white dog. The dog was chewing on a bone. The cat jumped onto the dog. The dog kept chewing the bone. The cat played with the dog’s tail. The dog kept chewing the bone. The cat jumped back onto the chair. It started licking its paws. The dog stood up. It looked at the cat. It licked the cat’s fur. The cat licked the dog’s nose. The dog went back to its bone. A boy ran through the room. He was wearing a yellow shirt. He almost ran into the chair. The cat jumped off the chair. The cat jumped onto the sofa. The chair fell onto the floor next to the dog. The dog stopped chewing the bone. The dog chased the boy. The boy ran out to the street. He threw a stick. The dog chased the stick. The dog lay down. It chewed on the stick.


3.A Birthday Bike

January 7 is Benny’s birthday. He will be eight years old. He is in the third grade. He goes to Park Elementary School. An elementary school is for kids. It is only one mile away. He walks to school. It only takes 20 minutes. When it rains, he wears a raincoat. He used to take an umbrella. But he lost the umbrella. His mother gave him another umbrella. He broke that one. His mom said, “You and umbrellas don’t get along.” For his eighth birthday, Benny wants a bicycle. He can ride the bike to school. After school he can ride with his friends. He can ride the bike to the swimming pool. He can ride the bike to the library. His mom and dad took him to the bike store. They asked him to look at the bikes. He looked at all the bikes. He chose a red bike. He showed his parents. Dad said it cost too much. He told Benny to choose another bike. Benny chose a blue bike. Dad said the blue bike was the right price.


4.No Food, No Job

I am an adult. I’m not a kid. I’m a grown-up. I need some money. I have no food. I am hungry. I am not thirsty, because water is everywhere. But water has no taste. I want to drink a soda. I want to drink milk. I want to drink coffee. I want to work. Nobody will hire me. Nobody is hiring anybody. Companies are firing people. Companies are laying off people. Everyone is looking for a job. I cannot pay my rent. I will have to live in my car. I don’t want to live in my car. My car has no bed. Everyone should live in a house or an apartment. Many people don’t have a car. They live on the street. A street has no bed. Nobody should live on the street. I don’t know what to do. I don’t know where to go. Maybe I will go to church. Maybe I will find help there.

5.New Shoes

She is young. Her shoes are old. She wears them to work. She goes to work five days a week. She loves her work. She is a waitress. She works at a restaurant. The restaurant is near her home. She walks to the restaurant. She stands up all day long. She is young and strong. But her shoes are not. They are old. She saw an ad in the paper. All shoes were on sale at the shoe store. She walked into the store. She looked around. She saw some black shoes. They looked good. She tried them on. They were very comfortable. They felt good. They were only $25. She paid cash. She wore them home. She felt good. She was ready for work the next day.

Mary's family

Mary is ten years old. She is from London. Her hair is long and brown. She has got brown eyes. She has got a cat and a dog. Their names are Pat and Fluffy. Pat, the dog has got a small house in the garden. Mary's cat, Fluffy is 3 years old.

Mary's mother is Jane. She is a teacher. She's thirty-six years old. Her husband is Nick. He is thirty-eight. He's a bus driver. He is a handsome man. Nick has got a horse. Its name is Lightning. Jane is a beautiful woman. They have got three children; Mary, Sean and Peter.

Sean is six and Peter is twelve years old. Sean's hair is blonde, Peter's hair is brown. The boys have got blue eyes.

Peter's pet is a mouse. Its name is Tiny. She is so small. Sean’s pet is a fish. Its name is Goldie.

Peter and Sean have got four friends. Peter's friends are James and Doug. Brian and Adam are Sean's friends. Mary's friends are Maggie and April.


Today is Sunday. It’s sunny and warm. We are having a picnic in a park. By the way, my name is Janet Jordan. You can’t see me, because I’m taking the photograph.

My father, John Jordan, is on the right. He’s drinking tea. He is a teacher of History. My mother, Rose Jordan, is on the  left, near my brother. She is a housewife. She’s 30 years old.

My brother is eating a sandwich. His name is Peter and he’s 10 years old. He’s three years younger than me. Freckles is our pet dog; he is under the table. He’s waiting for Peter to play with him.

We usually come to this place when the weather is fine. It’s so good to see my family together and when this happens I feel happy! When we arrive home everybody helps… this is the spirit of this family!

Nasreddin Hodja

One day, a visitor came to Nasreddin Hodja’s house. “I am your friend from Konya.” he said, “Here is your duck to celebrate the visit.” Nasreddin Hodja was shocked but also pleased. He wanted his wife to cook the duck for dinner and invited the man for a delicious meal.

The next day another visitor arrived. “I am the friend of the man who brought you the duck.” he said. Nasreddin .hodja invited him in and gave him a good meal. The next day another visitor arrived, and said he was the friend of the friend of the man who had brought the duck. Again Nasreddin Hodja invited him to his house for dinner. Nasreddin Hodja was getting annoyed.

Then another visitor came, and said he was the friend of the friend of the friend of the man who had brought the duck. Nasreddin Hodja invited him to eat dinner with him. His wife brought some soup to the table and the visitor tasted it. “What kind of soup is this?” asked the visitor. “It tastes like hot water.” “Sorry!” said Nasreddin Hodja, “That is the soup of the soup of the soup of the duck.” 

Barış Manço

My favorite singer is Barış Manço. I love all his songs but “Gülpembe” and “Halhal” are my favorite songs. He was born in İstanbul in 1943. He started to sing when he was only two years old. When he graduated from the college in Belgium he came to Turkey in 1969. He got married and had two sons. He was very friendly and communicative. He acted in some films and travelled nearly all around the world. His talk show “7’den 70’e” was the best TV program in the 1980s for bothe children and adults. He died in 1999 in İstanbul because of heart attack. I think he was one of the best singers of Turkey.

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