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- J - K - L -

Phrasal Verbs in English/ İngilizce  


- J - 


Join in: to become involved in an activity with other people

  : katılmak, dahil olmak

  : We only need one more player for this game - can you persuade your sister to join in?


Join up: to become involved in an activity with other people

    : askere olmak, bir işe atılmak, kaydolmak

   : If you join up, you become a member of one of the armed forces


Jot down: to write something quickly on a piece of paper so that you remember it

    : Yazmak, not almak

    : I carry a notebook so that I can jot down any ideas.


Jump in: to interrupt when someone else is speaking

     : Birinin sözünü kesip konuşmaya girmek 

     : I wish you'd stop jumping in and finishing my sentences for me all the time.


Jump on: to criticise someone as soon as they have done something wrong or said something that you disagree with

: Eleştirmek, saldırmak, terslemek

She jumps on her children instantly if they're disobedient.



- K - 


Keep in   :to make a child stay inside as a punishment, or to make someone stay in hospital

: alıkoymak, içerde tutmak, saklamak

They kept her in overnight for observation.


Keep off : If you keep off a particular subject, you avoid talking about it.

: Uzak durmak, kaçınmak, kouşmak istememek

 She kept off the subject of her divorce.


Keen on:   to continue doing something without stopping

:Sürdürmek, devam etmek, devam ettirmek

He keeps trying to distract me.


Keep out : to not go in a place, or to stop someone or something from going into a place

:Girilmez!, yaklaşmayın!, Uzak durun!

Building work in progress. Keep out!


Keep up with: stay at the same level as someone or something

     :- e ayak uydurmak, yetişmek, -den geri kalmamak

     : He started to walk faster and the children had to run to keep up


Kick off  : If a game of football kicks off, it starts

: Başlamak, başlama vuruşu, futbolda oyuna başlamak

What time does the match kick off?


Kick out   : to force someone to leave a place or organization

: Kovmak, işten atmak; Kırmızı kart göstermek

:His wife kicked him out.




- L - 

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