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- D - E - F -


Phrasal Verbs


- D -


  • Dash off: to write something quickly, putting little effort into it

: acele ile yazmak, karalamak

:She dashed the letter off in five minutes.


  • Dawn on :If a fact dawns on you, you understand it after a period of not  understanding it

     : Kavramak, anlamak

      : I was about to pay for the shopping when it suddenly dawned on me that I'd left my money at home.


  • Decide on: to choose something or someone after careful thought

 :Seçmek, karar vermek

: I've decided on blue for the bathroom


  • Die away   : If something, especially a sound, dies away, it gradually becomes reduced until it stops existing or disappears

  : Azalmak, Kesilmek, kaybolmak

  : The sound of his footsteps gradually died away.


  • Die for     : excellent or to be strongly wished for

       : Özlemini çekmek, çok istemek, can atmak

:That chocolate cake is to die for.


  • Die off      : If a group of plants, animals or people dies off, all of that group  dies over a period of time.

:Ölmek, tükenmek

:: Dinosaurs died off millions of years ago.


  • Die out     : to become less common and finally stop existing

: ortadan kaybolmak, nesli tükenmek

: Dinosaurs died out millions of years ago.


  • Disagree with: to not have the same opinion, idea, etc.; to not agree

      : Katılmamak, aynı fikirde(görüşte) olmamak

     : I'm afraid I have to disagree with you on that issue.


  • Do away with: to get rid of something or stop using something

      : Ortadan kaldırmak, yok etmek, yürürlükten kaldırmak

      : These ridiculous rules and regulations should have been done   away with years ago.


  • Do in              : to attack or kill someone

        : öldürmek, saldırmak, dolandırmak

      : They threatened to do me in if I didn't pay up by Friday.


  • Do up             : to fasten something or become fastened

      : İliklemek, bağlamak,

       : Can you help me to do up my dress?


  • Do without     : to manage without having something

: olmadan yapmak, -sız idare etmek

: There's no mayonnaise left, so I'm afraid you'll just have to do without.


  • Doss about / Doss around: to spend your time doing very little

  : işten kaçmak, zamanını bir şey yapmadan ya da                                               küçük işlerle uğraşarak geçirmek.

: Come on, Peter, stop dossing around and get some work done.


  • Doss down    :to sleep somewhere without a bed

: Nerede olsa yatmak, bulduğu yerde uyumak

: Can I doss down at your house tonight, after the party?


  • Doze off   : If you doze off, you start to sleep, especially during the day

: uyumak, uyuklamak

: The office was so hot I nearly dozed off at my desk.


  • Dress down: To wear casual or informal clothes

             : to scold

   : Günlük, sıradan giysiler giyinmek

: azarlamak

    : She always made a point of dressing down on her first date                              with a man.


  • Dress up: to put on formal clothes for a special occasion

     : Şık giyinmek, resmi giyinmek

      : You don't need to dress up to go to the pub - jeans and a T-shirt will do.


  • Drink up: to finish your drink completely

     : içip bitirmek, tamamını içmek

     : Drink up! It's time to go.


  • Drive away: To force someone or something to leave

 : Defetmek, Kovmak

 : Their unfriendliness drives customers away.


- E - 


  • Eat out: to eat in a restaurant

     : Dışarda yemek yemek

     : When I lived in Spain, I used to eat out all the time.


  • Eat up: to eat all the food that you have been given

    :Yiyip bitirmek, silip süpürmek

    : Be a good boy and eat up your vegetables.


  • Egg on: to strongly encourage someone to do something which might not be a very good idea

   : tahrik etmek, kışkırtmak, teşvik etmek

   : Don't egg him on! He gets himself into enough trouble without your encouragement.


  • Eke out: to use something slowly or carefully because you only have a small amount of it

     : İdareli kullanmak

     : There wasn't much food left, but we just managed to eke it out.


  • Eye up : to look closely at something that you are interested in

     : Dikkatli bakmak, kesmek

     : That guy in the grey jacket has been eyeing you up all evening.


- F -


Fade away: to slowly disappear, lose importance or become weaker

    : Yavaş yavaş yok olmak,Yavaş yavaş gözden kaybolmak, unutulup gitmek, sönmek

   : As the years passed, the memories faded away.


Fall through: to fail to happen

      : Suya düşmek, gerçekleşmemek, başarısız olmak

     : We found a buyer for our house, but then the sale fell through.


Fall out   : to argue with someone and stop being friendly with them

: Bozuşmak, küsmek, anlaşmazlığa girmek

: He left home after falling out with his parents.

: If a tooth or your hair falls out, it becomes loose and separates from your mouth or head

: dökülmek, düşmek, çıkmak

: A side effect of the treatment is that your hair starts to fall out.


Figure out     : to finally understand something or someone, or find the solution to a problem after a lot of thought

: anlamak, i çözmek, i halletmek

: Can you figure out the answer to question 5?


Fill in / out   : to write the necessary information on an official document

: doldurmak(form)

:Please fill out this application if you are interested in the job.


Find out : to discover that someone has done something wrong

: öğrenmek, çözmek, keşfetmek, oraya çıkarmak

: He lived in dread of being found out.


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